Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All In a Day of Work!

Do You ever feel like this during the week?  This post is to all of my fellow teachers....I think you deserve a diet coke from Sonic today!! 

On a serious is amazing to me how far behind I feel if I even let one stack of papers go ungraded.  I have found that especially with the writing that is involved with our students need that constant feedback.  Like most of us...yes, us adults...they are already trying to find the easy button...with the  quality of work they are willing to give me.  I have discovered that when I am on every assignment...and discussing what will make them really tends to bring the quality of what I much better ...than when I let a few days slide without checking over every single thing!! 

If you see me resembling this lady...Someone slap me!!  NOT gonna happen! :)

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