Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teaching Fictional Novels Through Character Webs

What better way to engage students in discussion groups about fictional novels than to use character webs.  I am finding that when students really annalyze the dialogue, appearance, thoughts & feelings, and actions of the main character as well as the other characters, they really think about the progression of the story's theme and its relation to its characters.  It is a great springboard to discussions on what makes one change...from point a to point b.  It is interesting to hear kids dialoguing about they would feel in this or that character's shoes...And...isn't that the whole point of reading and the instruction of reading? 

Edward a great book to dissect in this manner...because it has so many interesting characters that impact the development of the main character Edward.

If anyone is reading this post...give me some feedback about things that you have tried and are doing with regard to fictional novel units that you are teaching.

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